The web portal aims at improving the accountability of public spending through collecting and analysing public procurement data. Call for tenders and contract award announcements are downloaded automatically from Tenders Electronic Daily and made publicly available on this website the next day. This website allows you to search for individual companies, contracting bodies, as well as contracts and explore their contracting activities and associated corruption risks. In addition, it also allows you to download the underlying dataset for further analysis.

We identify redflags analysing the characteristics of public procurement procedures, which indicate the level of corruption risk from different angles. Using them, a composite indicator - Corruption Risk Index (CRI) is calculated and published for each procedure. CRI indicates only the risk of corruption and not certainly corrupt cases; check out yourself why a certain public procurement procedure carries high or low risks!

For the realisation of this web portal generous funding was provided by the Open Society Institute to the Government Transparency Institute. The data collection and database building work was carried out by our partner Precognox, the website design was developed by Mindstream on the basis of the design provided by the Corruption Research Center Budapest.

Total number of Polish contracts in Tender Electronic Daily (2011-): 777387
Annual value of Polish contracts in EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily from 2011
Annual number of Polish contracts in EU’s Tenders Electronic Daily from 2011